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ALM Consulting Services, Inc.

ALM's philosophy of "Making Technology Work for You" involves offering state of the art technical advice, prompt service and educational assistance that focuses on teaching your staff "to fish for themselves" as technology changes around them.

Change is a way of life in our fast paced society. Hardware and software (e.g., Windows, ACT, Gold Mine, etc.) are changing , being up graded every year and in some cases every six to nine months.

Obsolescence occurs rapidly as companies bring newer, faster and more robust products to the market. The challenge in many professional, small business and personal households is the lack of on- site professionals who understand changing technology and how that technology impacts bottom line efficiency and effectiveness.

Selection of the appropriate hardware, software and maintenance systems can be a nightmare to professionals and individuals who have the ability but lack the time and patience to keep pace with changing technology. ALM Consulting provides professional outsourcing that decreases overhead costs associated with expensive IT expansion.


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